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About Phu My Hung urban area

About Phu My Hung urban area

Phu My Hung urban area is an urban area in District 7, located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the focus of living of high income people, by Phu My Hung Development Company Limited (former name: Phu My Hung Joint Venture Company Limited). The intention of foreign investors is to turn the swamp into a model multifunctional urban area, a center of finance, commerce, service, industry, science, culture, education, residence, entertainment … to motivate the development of the south and southeast of the city. Unlike District 1, which is a historical center, Phu My Hung urban area has been built with the modern concept.

On June 26, 2008, the Ministry of Construction and the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City recognized Phu My Hung as “the model urban area” of Vietnam.


1/ The location

The urban area is located along Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, a major arterial road through District 7, which is part of the Saigon South Urban Area, which is located to the south of Ho Chi Minh City that connected to the center via the bridges system. The urban area has many natural canals.


Phu My Hung Corporation is allowed to exploit and develop five urban clusters (750ha), forming an international commercial and financial center in Southeast Asia:

  • Zone A – new urban center (409 ha): is the center of the entire urban area, which attracts investors and business. The architecture of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.
  • Zone B – The University Village (95 hectares): the first simulated application area in Vietnam to get ideas and experience from Silicon Valley community formation in San Jose, California, USA. Industrial park of science in Taiwan. University Village is a mixed-use complex of residential, commercial, local services and public works (18 hectares). There is a campus of RMIT University in Australia.
  • Zone C – High Tech Center (46 hectares): located at Nguyen Van Linh and Huong Lo 7 intersections, where enterprises are involved in high technology development in Vietnam. It is surrounded by a multi-functional area that provides full access to the people who live and work here.
  • Zone D – Center of Commodity Traffic II (85 ha): located at the confluence of Ben Luc and Can Giuoc rivers, convenient for the harbor facilities, a major focal point for distribution and circulation of goods, There are several commercial and residential mixed-use zones, with 5 hectares for public works.
  • Zone E – Center of Goods Traffic I (115 ha): located at the intersection of National Highway 1A and Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, including 5 areas: International Trade Center, Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Industrial Warehousing, Port and Freight Relocation, Mixed Residential. Zone E has convenient location to transport goods from all directions by waterway and road. Land for public works is 14 hectares.


2/ The investor

Phu My Hung urban area project was invested by Phu My Hung Joint Venture Company with license granted in May 1993. The company has 70% foreign capital and 30% domestic capital. The Phu My Hung new urban area project was the first foreign-invested project licensed in December 1997 to Taiwanese Central Trading & Development (CT & D), which is also the investor. of the entire project Saigon South urban area. Mr. Ly Dai Minh, Deputy General Director in charge of construction of Phu My Hung Company said that the company “always improve the management regime, design planning, construction technology, selection of construction materials, .. To put standards and norms of construction works and design of high standards of American, Japanese, Chinese … in Vietnam, form standards and norms of construction of Phu My Hung. ”

3/ Construction process

The project started with the Central Trading & Development Group to pay for the construction of Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, 17.8 km long, 120 m wide, across the marsh, parallel to the construction of civil and drainage system. Water, modern environmental treatment and infrastructure construction on over 150 hectares of land for public works will be handed over to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for the development of public services, starting with Nam Sai New Urban Area With a scale of 2,600 ha. Since then, Phu My Hung Joint Venture Company has developed Phu My Hung urban area with 5 urban clusters of A, B, C, D and E on an area of 750 hectares

Zone Center: Central area is the Zone A of the project, including 8 functional areas:

  • International Finance and Trading Complex: a complex of multifunctional commercial, financial, fair, exhibition, international convention, entertainment, tourism, service, urban areas. hotels, hotels and other social facilities, which are home to many multinational corporations such as Unilever, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, etc. Some large projects such as Conference Center and Saigon Exhibition, Saigon Paragon office building … In addition, there is a housing project is a high-grade office building Star Hill.
  • Crescent Area: with an area of ​​more than 10 hectares and a phase 1 investment of $ 100 million, constructed in Singapore Bay, comprising many modern buildings along the curve. Crescent is divided into 3 rental apartments, office for lease and commercial center. The Hoan Cau Canal connects the Kenh Dao Canal to the Anh Sao Bridge, the first pedestrian bridge in Vietnam, forming a pedestrian crossing and creating a landscape for the area, with a length of about 1.5 km. Along the curve of the lake is the low-rise buildings are arranged in front, high-rise in the back to exploit the landscape. The main corridor has a corridor for outdoor activities. The Crescent Moon Project was designed by 25 architects from 13 countries and 6 companies in detail. Architect Axel Korn, director of KORN Architects, who directly participates in the design of the Crescent quarter, views the area as a “social heart.” Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) comes from San Francisco, with advice from Koetter Kim & Associates of the United States and Kenzo Tange & Associate of Japan, responsible for the overall planning of the area. in the direction of ensuring the linkage and harmony with the entire South Saigon urban area. Especially in the Crescent neighborhood, the buildings are linked together via the elevated walkway located on the third floor for those who live and work there. In addition, with great advantage and beautiful scenery, this area is also the place where spring flower festival in urban areas.
  • Kenh Dao Area: Simulated by the Kenh Dao Area in the United States, is a residential and commercial area with shops, shopping services, showrooms, restaurants, shops … at Ground floor and second floor. The canal stretches along the Ton Dat Tien Avenue with many tree parks and crosses a canal. The Dao canal is constructed with many architectural eclectic projects with Garden Plaza I, Garden Plaza II, Garden Court II and Garden Court II designed by Singaporean company, Vietnam. detail. In addition, the Panorama apartment is designed by architect Thomas Chow of SURV company – Shanghai designed, with the rate of open green space accounted for nearly 70% of the area.
  • The Nursing Area includes medical facilities, nursing homes, services, shopping, sports, entertainment, … to meet the diverse needs of people from health care. We also provide services such as 220 beds, Tam Duc Heart Hospital (180 beds), Viet My Hospital … and other health care facilities. The Nursing Home also has recreational facilities such as golf driving range, 9 hole golf course, sandy bottom pool and 4 tennis courts.
  • Hillside Area: The residential area is built early with full facilities such as schools, supermarkets (Coopmart, Citimart), convenience stores, main services along Nguyen Duc boulevard Landscape. From the third quarter of 2009, Hillside Area started the new project is high-end residential area along the Riverpark Residence designed by German company Axel Korn Architekture, with 16 banks participating in home loan support.


Nam Khang building in Nam Vien area.

  • Nam Vien area: villas include: My Gia 1-2, My Thai 1-2-3, My Phu 1-2, My Van and apartment buildings 1-2, My Vien, My Khang, Green View. The topography of Nam Vien is an oasis surrounded by waterways, with low construction density as there are many parks with a density of between 10,000 and 20,000 m2. This is the largest green residential area of ​​Phu My Hung urban center, next to the International Financial Trade and Crescent Area on the same axis of 48 Nguyen Luong Bang commercial avenue. Nam Vien is also home to many foreign schools such as: Japan, Korea, Taipei.
  • Cultural and Recreation Area: located at the western gateway to Phu My Hung urban center, is a concentrated residential area, in the north is the “green tree resting cultural corridor”, the east is the scenic river. Major projects here are the townhouses and apartments, including Hung Thai villa and townhouse, Hung Gia Condos, Hung Phuoc apartment, Sky Garden apartment with walking street, shopping on the second floor of the apartment building, Wonderland Park and the waterfront park.
  • Midtown: The central business district along the Nguyen Luong Bang commercial avenue, between the Nam Vien and the International Financial District. There are also villas, high-end apartments.


Due to the achievement of investment criteria sustainable development, investors have received many awards in the country and internationally, the State awarded Labor Medal first class.