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About Happy Valley apartment in district 7

About Happy Valley apartment in district 7

Happy valley apartment in district 7 is a nice project that Phu My Hung invested with large green space.

Happy Valley - Phu My Hung

An outstanding human-centered design

The design has been inspired by human values, in which every single detail is carefully considered to create an ideal living space.

Living in Happy Valley you would feel the happiness from the most idyllic activities, the fun from children’s smiling faces, the warmth from moment of family & community.

Project Scale:

Located in a prime location of Phu My Hung that not shielded from any surrounding projects, Happy Valley brings residents to a peaceful place but not isolated from city living. Happy Valley is close to the scenic river (on East side) and Nguyen Luong Bang Boulevard (on South side) which is easily connected to the International Commercial and Financial District, Crescent District, school system and well-served by shopping, dining, amenities and unique architectures such as Starlight Bridge, Crescent Lake, Crescent Mall etc.

Happy Valley’s esteemed owners would enjoy many entertaining amenities, including parks, waterfalls, sitting lawn areas, swimming pools, outdoor playgrounds, kid playgrounds etc…

The construction coverage ratio of the project is 23%, and more than 77% of the remaining land area is left for open space and traffic infrastructure system. Happy Valley consists of 763 condos and 23 shops in 12 buildings with 8 to 28 storeys high. Each condo has 3 parking lots which are 1 car and 2 motorbikes and many parking spaces for visitors.

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