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About Chateau villa in Phu My Hung, district 7 HCMC

About Chateau villa in Phu My Hung, district 7 HCMC

The entire area of Chateau Villas embodies an oasis embracing by the scenic river. The distance from the riverside to the first villa is 30m, which is an ideal place to walk, breathe fresh air, etc.

Chateau Villa - Phú Mỹ Hưng

Located in Southside District, along Nguyen Luong Bang Street and within a 1km radius to the heart of the city – The International Commercial and Financial District, & The Crescent, Chateau Villas stands out right in front of the peaceful river. The harmonious combination of planning, architecture, green spaces, amenities and location create an exclusive value for Chateau’s residents.

Chateau villas’ architecture is a mixture of semi-classical and tropical style, creating a different façade, honoring the lifestyle of each esteemed owner. Beside the magnificent villas are the elegant townhouses. All features harmonise with the overall of Phu My Hung urban area, creating the value that could not be swapped. Chateau is a one-off project, with limited units and on top of that, it is a pristine community cherishing gracious lifestyles.