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Nam Phuc Le Jardin – The Garden of a town

Nam Phuc Le Jardin – The Garden of a town

Inspired by the city’s poetic gardens, Nam Phuc Le Jardin offers a combination of green living but no less luxury thanks to its semi-classical design.

The idea of “street in the garden” is fully utilized when the project is “embraced” around the green area of 45,000 m2. In particular, for the first time, an urban corridor was built that connects the two parks before and after the project to create endless links between the green spaces.

  • Land area: 5,220 m2
  • 2 towers with 22 floors, 233 apartments (from 92 – 165 m2)
  • 8 shophouses (155 – 200m2) with 2 floors commercial
  • Classical luxury design, luxurious
  • 100% apartments has balcony, unlimited view
  • First times: “Urban Corridor” connects the park before and after the project

Facilities of Nam Phuc Le Jardin has swimming pool, gym, receptionist, community room …

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We take care of the owner and the tenant in that.

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